Hearthstone – dizparc Open 2017



Välkomna till Gummifabriken i Värnamo för en helg av E-Sport.

Consolidate Challenger Series Present

dizparc open 2017  med 5 000:- i prispotten

Sponsored by dizparc

Turneringen spelas på plats i Gummifabriken i Värnamo. Lanet öppnar kl 18:00 fredagen den 15 september och stänger söndagen 17 september kl 11:00

Hela Lanet och turneringen är gratis så har du anmält dig till någon av våra turneringar är du garanterad plats annars är det först på plats som gäller. BOKA DIN PLATS HÄR

Sovplats: Finns i form av sovsal. Ta med sovsäck och liggunderlag

Datorplats: Ta med din egna dator, din stol om du vill , glöm inte nätverkskabel minst 5 meter och glöm inte skarv dosa för elen.

Mat: Det finns möjligheter att värma mat eller att köpa mat.

Viktigt att veta för er som är med i turneringen. Vi kommer välja några matcher som kommer spelas på scenen och där gäller turneringsdatorer och det innebär att ni måste vara på plats i god tid för att göra dem inställningar ni vill ha.

Pris fördelning

  1.      3250sek
  2.      1750Sek


Hearthstone Tournament Rules & Regulations



  • Terms
    • Those who are authorized by Phoenix Blue to administrate the competition based on its rules and regulations will be called an ”admin” or “administrator” in the following.
    • Every person allowed to participate in a tournament will be called a ”participant”, “contestant”, or “player” in the following.
    • Players acknowledge, without limitation, to comply with the rules and regulations, official announcements, and with the statements and decisions made by the admins.
    • Every player acknowledges the right of the administrators to modify the rules and regulations at any time without prior notice.


  • Player participation
    • Players agree to abide by the rules stated below that apply to the tournament in which they are competing.
    • Any rule adjustments or statements made by an admin to ensure fair play must be adhered to.
    • Players agree to, if called upon, to have their match streamed at Phoenix Blue’s official stream.
    • Players must treat admins and other participants with respect at all times.
      • Insults and unfair or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated and may result in decisions such as, but not limited to, disqualification.


  • Communication
    • Players must communicate with admins in English or Swedish.
      • If there is an admin available who can communicate in the preferred language of a player, it will be allowed.
    • Admins shall be available at all times at during the event. If an issue arises, you must make an admin aware of the problem, at which point the admin will resolve the problem as soon as possible.
      • Players may be contacted by admins via Battle.net if required.





Tournament Schedule



Tournament Format


  • Game / Match wins
    • A match is won by winning the majority number of games.
      • A Bo5 match win is given to the player who first wins three games.
  • Blind Pick
    • Players choose their deck before each game without being told what their opponent will be choosing.
  • Conquest
    • Best of 5
    • Players play each match with four decks.
    • Each player bans one deck.
    • Only one deck per class.
    • Deck classes must be declared to every opponent at the start of each match.
      • Decks declarations are made without revealing the intended order of play.
    • Once a deck wins it is removed from match play for that player.
    • Losing decks may be played again or switched for another viable deck.
    • If a game win is awarded due to disconnect or any other issue, the deck being played by the player receives a default win.
  • Double Elimination Group Stage
    • The initial group stage shall be played in a double elimination bracket.
    • All players will be divided into groups. Two players from each group will move on to playoffs.
    • Losing one game places the player in the loser’s bracket of that group. Players who lose a second match during this stage are eliminated from the competition.
  • Single Elimination
    • The finals shall be played in a single elimination bracket.
    • Players who lose one match are eliminated from the competition.


Decklist Submissions

  • Decklists must be submitted to leagueops@phoenix.gg or directly to an admin before a player may join the tournament.
    • Written, screenshots and text files are all accepted formats of deck submission.
    • All cards from the current Standard set can be used to build your decks.
    • Players who sign up and do not submit decklists before the start of the tournament will be removed from sign up.
      • There may be multiple deadlines for submitting deck lists.
        • If remaining deck deadlines exist, removed players may sign up again.


Pre-tournament checklist


  • Players must attend the event in person at Gummifabriken, Värnamo, Sweden.
  • Players should be prepared with the following before the tournament is scheduled to start:
    • Device capable of taking screenshots with the Hearthstone game installed.
    • Means of keeping that device functioning throughout the tournament (a charger, or enough battery capacity to last the whole tournament. Outlets will be provided).
    • Screenshots of deck sent to admins.
    • One pre-built deck for each class intended to be played in the tournament.
      • Multiple class decks must be removed from ‘My  collection’.
        • Crossed out decks counts as removed.
        • Wild decks counts as removed.


Match Walkthrough


  • An opponent is provided for you based on your position in the bracket.
  • Add opponent’s Battle.tag as a friend on Battle.net
    • Take 2 screenshots, with the time visible, of you adding your opponent on Battle.net; Battle.tag in add friends bar & ‘friend request sent’ notification in case of a no show.
  • Play the match according to the format rules.
  • Take screenshots of your victory screens in case there is a score dispute.
  • Submit the score to an admin.


Tournament Gameplay


  • Game Accounts
    • Players must use a European Battle.net account for tournament play.
      • If found competing with someone else’s account, that player will be subject to penalization based on an admin investigation into the situation.
      • Players may borrow other players accounts for the duration of the tournament as long as the other account will not be used by a tournament attendee. This must be reported to an admin.


  • Disconnects
    • If a disconnect happens during a game, always take screenshots of the current state of the game.
    • If the disconnect is due to an internet connection certified by Phoenix Blue, the player is not to be viewed as responsible.
      • Certain leeway is given in these situations, to be decided on case by case basis.
      • If the player is not to be held accountable, the game shall be restarted unless it matches the criteria mentioned below.
    • If a player has lethal on board and it is their turn, they win the round.
    • If lethal is not on the board, a game win may be awarded if a strategic victory is imminent.
      • A strategic victory may be e.g. a Taunt Warrior sitting at a comfortable amount of health and in control of the board versus an aggro deck, or if a midrange deck lacks remaining threats to win the round.
      • These cases will always be decided by an admin
    • If none of the previous mentioned situations apply during a disconnect, the admin will decide the outcome of the match.


  • No Show Opponents
    • Players have fifteen minutes to report to an available match as soon as they have been given an opponent.
    • If a player has not contacted their opponent in the given time, they will be disqualified from the tournament.
    • If both opponents do not report within 15 minutes, both will be disqualified from the tournament.
      • Alert an admin, requesting a “No Show” default win so we can close the match without delay.


  • Challenge Screenshots
  • Players may request a screenshot of the Challenge screen from their opponent to verify they have only one deck per declared class in their collection.
  • If a player cannot produce a challenge screenshot or provides one showing multiple declared class decks, admin must be contacted immediately.
    • The offending player will be instructed to remove all additional class decks.
    • Having multiple decks of a class a player intends to compete with may lead to an automatic loss with that class.
  • Players who are found to be competing repeatedly with multiple declared class decks will be disqualified from the tournament.


  • Decklist Enforcement
  • Players who suspect their opponent is using a deck altered from their deck list submissions must take screenshots of suspect cards being played.
  • Finish playing the game then alert admin immediately.
  • Request a challenge screenshot and monitor their status in game.
    • If they appear in their ‘My Collection’  take a screenshot. This is grounds for immediate disqualification.
  • Players found using altered decks will be immediately disqualified from the competition.
    • Player info will be added to a tracking document to monitor repeat offenders.


  • External Software
  • It is not allowed to use game-altering software such as deck trackers.
  • Pen and a blank paper is allowed during matches.
  • It is allowed to utilize software which does not provide a strategic benefit during games, such as Spotify or Youtube.
  • Win-Trading
    • Players must try to win every match.
    • Any evidence of win-trading (losing a match to purposefully advance your opponent instead of yourself) will result in immediate disqualification from the competition.
      • Players suspected of win-trading will be reported to Blizzard.



  • 1st place: 3250:- + Blizzard-themed POP-figure + winston plushie
  • Second place: 1750:-
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